About Collagen & Company

As many things in life, our journey with Collagen started out of desperation and the need for a healthier and better life.  What we have found since, is a wonderful natural product that brings joy to our lives every day. We are able to do the exercise and walks we so love on the beautiful beaches and other wonderful walks in the beautiful city of Cape Town. We have taken this wonderful product, Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen with Peptan, and we are building a business out of it daily by providing the best products we can find for people to enhance their lives. COLLAGEN FULFILL’S MANKINDS OLDEST DESIRE TO STAY YOUNGER AND HEALTHIER FOR LONGER.

Below is our Journey

In 2016 Winnie broke her foot in a department store that was under renovation and had uneven walking surfaces. She had to have an operation and a screw put in to mend the bone. In the follow-up doctor’s appointment, she was informed that her bone density was poor and her bones brittle.

The red lights came on and the search began for something to fix this issue.  She tried some vitamins and supplements but it did not seem to help and the foot was painful and the recovery slow.

Exercise and normal walking became hard and she had a slight limp.  She also developed severe back pain from not being able to walk correctly.

I have always had psoriasis and it was quite bad at the time as it was embarrassing to swim because of the red patches all over my body. The skin was very dry and flaky as psoriasis tends to be.

We heard about Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen and started researching it. We then started using our Collagen daily and also made lifestyle changes like walking when we could and eating healthier. I soon discovered I don’t have my old joint pain and lower back pain anymore from old injuries. Winnie was able to walk further and further without pain in her feet.  The most amazing thing is that her back pain disappeared.  Her hair grew longer and stronger and her skin looked beautiful and 10 years younger. Needless to say, we have found our joy … a new beginning and life that we have so been looking for.

Within 6 months Winnie did a check-up with an Orthopaedic surgeon, whom when checking the X-rays, could not even see where the foot had been broken. The screw in her foot was the only indication that it had been broken.  Needless to say, he was very impressed.  My skin also improved by leaps and bounds and soon I could swim again and I now have a much better skin.  We are both so much fitter and healthier than before.

Winnie and John Pool